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M: 1st gen brake upgrade kit


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I have the following upgraded front brake kit for sale for 1st gen MINIs (R50, 53):


  1. new Nitrac Frozen Solid 8 groove brake discs - cost new GBP 137
  2. used Nitrac Frozen Solid 12 groove brake discs - lipped but still usable
  3. used Goodridge steel braided brake lines
  4. used Carbotech XP8 carbon/ceramic brake pads - still plenty of life, cost new GBP 214.40
  5. used stock calipers - would suggest a refurbishment
  6. new 1 litre bottle Castrol SRF brake fluid - cost new GBP50

let me know if you're interested by email tim.williams at wartsila.com


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And now, some prices in EUR:


New Nitrac Discs 160e  [reduced 140e as per below]


Used Nitrac Discs 80e NOW 50e


Used Goodridge front steel braided Brake Lines 70e  NOW 50e


Used Carbotech pads 125e NOW 80e


Used stock calipers 50e NOW 40e


New Castrol brake fluid 60e

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