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Guest kristian

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Guest kristian

KAD:ilta saa noita 16v kansia mutta saako niitä Suomesta ja jos saa niin mitä niistä joutuu maksamaan?

Mites on muutosten laita?

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Guest miniminor64

Kannattanee ostaa valmis moottori... eli stage 1 katumoottori maksanee rahteineen n.11500e. enquiries@kad-uk.com osoitteeseen vaan postia ja kertovat varmasti mielellään lisää aiheesta.


16 valve engine costings


Stage 1: 120 bhp



Applications: daily use road engine, suitable for occasional track use, standard helical 4 speed gearboxes are just sufficient here.


Carburetted engine: 110-120bhp, capacity 1380cc.

KAD latest spec small valve 16 valve cylinder head with belt assembly,

KAD2 inlet and exhaust cams, 10.5:1 compression ratio

A+ block with centre main strap, bored and honed to 73.5mm

73.5mm flat top Omega diecast pistons machined with valve clearance cutouts

Vandervell Competition engine bearings

A+ crankshaft 81.28 stroke

A+ conrods with ARP bolts

HP oil pump, water pump

Twin Weber 40 DCOE carburettors

Aldon distributor with Ignitor Electronic ignition

Verto flywheel with Turbo pressure plate and plate

4-2-1 exhaust manifold and 2" bore twin box system

Top and bottom radiator hoses, top radiator mounting

GRP 16 valve bonnet

Complete engine unit built and dyno run

£ 5,798 + vat ( £6,813 incl vat)

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