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M: Classic Mini with Suzuki Swift GTI 16v 74kw engine


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Terveisiä Virosta!


Since Finnish is far from being my native language I'll just resort to writing this ad in English. You can write questions in any language and If I don't have to write long essays I will also answer in Finnish.


The car is not for sale yet anywhere else, because real mini enthusiasts deserve first chance.


This car is completely road legal (has passed all the engine transplant examinations) and registered in Estonia with 74kw engine


Physically the car is located in Tallinn, but in case of serious interest I can always bring it over.


So shortly I have for sale Classic Rover Mini (1993) with Suzuki Swift GTI MK3 G13B 1.3l 74kw engine AND electric sunroof :). This is 99% finished project and the car just completed a 5500km trip to IMM2011 and back.

Selling only because I want to start a new mini project and there is no room for 2. This car was in making for 2 years, and rebuilt once more this spring to be as reliable as possible to make the trip to IMM2011.


About the car:

Shell: almost rust free, if you can say it about a mini, but the shell has no visible rust whatsoever, if you really look then some surface rust can be found under the car.

Engine: Almost no tuning, except 50mm throttle body, Bosch super 4 spark plugs, adjustable fuel pressure regulator and suzuki sport fuel rail. Should be around 80kw at the moment. The engine is in good condition and has done about 160k km.

Everything else: Almost all of the parts in the front end have been replaced or reconditioned, from back only wheel bearings have been replaced.

Electrics: All electrics, fuses, gauges etc are from Swift donor except for rear loom, which was kept from original mini. Japanese make electrics much better than brittish can :)

Interior: Swift GTI seats, steering column and wheel + gauges. Almost no sound deadening has been done and the car is still quite quiet.


This car is very fast, acceleration from 0-100 is around 6.5 sec and that's with economy gearbox from Swift GL. With small engine modifications and GTI gearbox the acceleration is confirmed to be around 4.6 sec.

The car is also very economical, cruising at 100km/h it takes only about 4l to 100km. Even when you drive like a madman the fuel consumption is not above 9l to 100km


Small problem to note:

Clutch pressure bearing will need replacing at some point as it can be noisy at some times. The bearing may well last next 50000km or next 1000km, never know.



With the car I will also supply a very good condition Swift GTI original gearbox for those who want better acceleration. And a box full of other useful new and used spare parts.


Price: 11000 eur, I am somewhat open to offers but not much as there is a lot of money in that little car :)


Last but not least some pictures of the car:





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The mini is up for sale again (or exchange for clubman estate 1978-1980 model), so use the unique chance to own a proven working mini with g13b engine.


It has recently completed a trouble free trip to IMM2013 to Mugello Italy.


Price: 6400€ , reasonably negotiable, if you got any interest then contact me or Eino from our miniclub.


Can be seen, touched and testdriven during Estonian Mini meeting. Ofcourse any other suggestions are welcome


Tyre's (165760r12 - wheels 12x5,5) have done 6000km


Recent changes that I can remember (the car been gone over and over again both technically and bodywise, its not perfect but whatever is attached also works as designed):

- Removable fibreglass front, full mudguards etc

- New cambelt, oilpump, waterpump, mx-5 injectors, gaskets, reconditioned hydraulic lifters, fully reconditioned head, cluch bearing, clutch cable etc...

- ALL bushes and mounts (except engine) are now polyurethane

- New rear radius arms, basically reconditioned everything in the backend


Car is basically rust free.


First pictures are current condition.









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